Met Virtual Reality Therapie kun je met je hoogtevrees aan de slag

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Geschikte apps zijn onder meer de be Fearless uit de Oculus store, en de Exposure tool van Psylaris

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In this video, I give a brief description and overview of the Be Fearless app (which is free) in the Oculus store on the Gear VR. It is aimed at people who struggle with fear of heights (Acrophobia). It is estimated that approximately 20 million people struggle with issues related to fear of heights. Treatment for Acrophobia has changed over several years and now includes the use of virtual reality. If you are someone who suffers greatly from acrophobia, you should probably be seeking the assistance of a mental health professional in the form of one of the following people: psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker. There are however, a group of people who struggle with mild to moderate symptoms of Acrophobia such as nervousness and increased levels of anxiety when in high places such as amusement parks or natural settings. While the Be Fearless app from Samsung does not attempt to cure your Acrophobia, it certainly can help you to overcome many of the symptoms associated with fear of heights.

  • Acrophobia – Getting Over a Fear of Heights


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